Changes to the transfer regulations of junior players (league age 7 to 18)

Over the course of the last six months or so, the issue of players moving club with the intent of changing charter has been discussed in depth by the Charter Presidents. 
There are increasing occurrences of players moving club with the intention of being selected in a stronger charter team than their current one - making the strong teams stronger and not allowing the weaker charters the ability to retain their talent and develop their own success.
After much consideration, the Charter Presidents passed a resolution to assist in reducing the number of these occurrences, as follows:
1. Any player who changes club, which in turn means a change in charter, without having changed residence, is ineligible to be selected in the player's new charter tournament teams for 12 months.
2. Any player who believes there are extenuating circumstances precipitating the movement to a new club / charter can submit a written appeal to the existing charter committee for consideration to have this ineligibility waived.
3. If the charter committee declines the request, the player has the right to appeal to the District Administrator for consideration. The District Administrator's decision shall be final.
This resolution was submitted to the BWA Board who has endorsed the resolution which will be included in the by-laws for 2016-17 onwards.
Given the transfer window for 2015-16 closed on 31 December, this has no effect on this season, but please be aware of this and ensure anyone transferring to your club from 2016-17 that falls into this category is aware.