Scorers Information and Templates


Game Reports are to be submitted electronically on-line. Each club is required to submit a Main Game Report Contact Persons with email address and Phone details. This information is required as soon as possible.

  • On-Line Game report sytem (updated 8/11/2017) -  Game Report Help Guide  - it is Very easy, very quick and can be done on-line on a phone, a tablet @ the game or computer at home. All you need is your password to your Team. Passwords will be given out once the fixtures has been received and uploaded onto the LLWA website. Please check with you Club's Game Report Contact Person.
  • Big League game reports required STATS and is done when lodging the On-Line game report. Please contact the Registrar Caroline Adamson if you require any help. Teams are to cross check the Stats by end of working day Wednesday.  Stats will be downloaded on Thursday morning by LLWA for reporting purposes.

Late Game reports:  Game reports are due in 72 hours after the game. Those who are late submitting their report and have been cut off from the on-line system, must submit on the excel spread sheet and send by email to the email address on the form.

  • JL, IL & LL Major & Minors Late Game Report Excel Sheet  - -  This form is to be used for all Regular Season & Club Championship Games
  • Senior League Late Game Report Excel Sheet
  • Big League Late Game Report Excel Sheet

Game report deadline:  Game Reports are to be sumitted within 72 hours after the game was completed.  Example: If you play on Friday, you have till Monday 5pm.  If you play on Saturday, you have till Tuesday 5pm. $10 fine for late reports.


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